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About Us

“KloudImp” is a software development training and services company specializing in Kentico CMS / EMS and Microsoft Azure based in Malaysia. Our consultant have over 10 years of experience working in cross domains and in different type of roles (the one with many hats) and understands how sometimes both business and IT can get overwhelmed by issues not entirely within their control, but could have been easily avoided by starting on the right foot.

We usually do not actual software development work (there are many available through outsourcing if you know the right places), and do not have a large developer team.  What we offer is technical writing & consultancy services for a software project.

In Software Development, one of the things we are explicitly trained to do is not to assume anything. If you need a functionality, give it in clear details on what you need, how you plan to test, and how many people you think will use it. There are specific tools and language that we use to draft these documents, something that most established software development teams can understand.

One of KloudImp’s philosophy is to encourage software developers to go further in their trade, and we celebrate those who took the first step in learning programming. “Programming is easy” some might say, but “Software Development” is not.

If you fit into any of these groups:

– You just graduated from IT University or College (and hopefully recovered from the stress from going through the Final Year Project). And not quite sure whether you are ready for “the industry”. Do I know enough about Software Development to write something useful? How do I know whether a development job is a good fit for me?

– You were a programmer a very long time ago, going as far back as FORTRAN / COBOL and Visual Basic. Then as life would have it, been out of touch for quite a while with the software development world. One day you need to communicate to your developers about a fantastic idea you had in your mind, you realize that they speak a totally different language than you remembered.

– You have been in the same IT job for more than 5 years, working with the same technology as the company requires you to use. Since there is so much noise on the internet about cloud adoption, and suddenly so many 4 letter abbreviations floating about, and your boss wants to try something “on the cloud”.

– You have been in the same IT job for… (you lost count). You need something new to spice things up, or wondered how else can a software developer contribute to a project, or is there anything else a software developer can do besides writing code… And need help to figure this part out, but too shy to ask someone you know / don’t have anyone to consult with.

– You are not a programmer but want to be able to lead a team of software developers. Having heard of many horror stories of / dealt with egoistic individuals and shoddy quality of work, you have your reservations on leading another one. You want to share your thoughts with other like-minded individuals who wants to embark on a similar path, or looking for that magic formula that can make things just a little bit easier.

We also welcome tech-savvy business owners who wants to do more with their business, and despite being able to can make magic on the internet just by a few clicks, feels that more can be done, or even have an software based idea brewing somewhere, but have no idea whether it is possible or not.

The spirit of building software is strong with software developers, but they cannot do without business cases that makes the product successful.

With the rapid shift in cloud adoption in many companies worldwide regardless of size and industry, the time is ripe for innovation no matter what team size you have.

The Consultant’s Interest Areas

  • Participating in discussions regarding your business’s software project.
  • Quick assessments on your software development (team / individual) process or codes.
  • Do not claim to know-it-all, but adopting a learn-it-all approach where possible.
  • Welcomes the occasional invitation for a technical brain to bounce ideas off with.

Wan Yuee Low

Kentico CMS / EMS Specialist.  Familiar with Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Team Services and advocates every developer to at least try it out once.

Melanie Saunders

Head of Investment
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Tax Advice
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Louise O’Donnell

Stock Market Broker
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