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Digitize Your Channels

Get your apps on-board in a cloud connected world,  and why stop there when you can make them intelligently work for you instead of around it.

Visualize your Idea

Get your next Blockbuster App Idea across to your development team with clear & concise specification documentation.

Idea To Code

Let us help you get your idea to code, sometimes you just need a technical brain to run through some technical feasibility and lets share ideas.

Classroom Training

Engage us for classroom training to ensure your projects stay on track and continue to add value to your business users.

About Us

We offer consulting services that help your business idea come to life by communicating with developers via Software Specifications, ranging from Point of Sales, Content Management and Enterprise Marketing, Mobile Applications & Cloud Applications.

Our team’s varied cross-domain experience and investment in latest software development tools & knowledge drives our desire to help advise on how best to approach managing business and software development teams.

Come talk to us for a fresh perspective of what it means to enable your business over the cloud by helping your business identify opportunities and exciting possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of advice do you give?

Technology can sometimes be overwhelming to anyone who is involved in IT or use IT in their business.  We provide advice on what are the current trend and depending on how your business is setup and business idea or road maps, can advise how to approach development and support.  We try not to stereotype based on technical competency of our customers, after all the world is a lot more interesting when you have diversified takes on an idea.

I am a business owner, if I share my idea / setup / business IT details with you, am I protected in some way?

We honour this NDA for all discussions and meetings with you.  Our team provides professional consultancy and we do not explicitly mention your name / idea unless we have your written permission to do so.  In fact, we also do not divulge details of your IT setup, the specific software version / name, or workflow that your business have carefully crafted as we respect that every business is unique in their own way.  However, we do have to caution that in the realm of Software Development, unless your idea / software is patented, copywrited and trademarked, there is no guarantee that no one else would also embark on the same idea.  This is why it is increasingly important to continue developing your product / service offerings, so that you are always one step ahead of everyone else.

I am a / have a team of Software Developer(s) / Engineer(s), is there anything you can help me with?

We provide classroom hands-on training in the area of Kentico CMS / EMS, Microsoft .NET and Cloud development.  If you are interested to getting your team onboard, do contact us for a quick discussion so that we may come up with some tailor-made topics that you’d like to zoom into or more relevant to your team.  You can also checkout our blogs from time to time as we will introduce some key ideas on what the .NET development community is gearing towards and resources that you can lookup if you are trying to conduct your own in-house training.  If you are an individual, let us know what topic you’d be interested in learning today we may organize a session based on demand received.  All training sessions will be conducted in English.

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We are able to speak to both business users and development teams in a common language that is sustainable.

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We usually recommend tried and tested solutions, and won’t mind the occasional joint R&D with your team.


Keeping up with the current development tools & platforms available.  We may not know-it-all, but keen to learn-it-all.


We are certified in the technologies we use, so that you get the optimum results and recommendations from key industry players.

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