Chatbots are computer programs that mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence. They can transform the way you interact with the internet from a series of self-initiated tasks to a quasi-conversation.

Many large brands have adapted chatbots to gain better conversions and greater reach of their customer base.  Facebook Messenger bots are an extremely popular option as many businesses connect to their customers through Facebook Business Pages.

Some of the use cases of bots include Customer Servicing, Lead Generation, Entertainment, Content Marketing and Subscriptions (Broadcasting).

I Want One Too

Developing your chatbot for your business does not have to be difficult.  We offer two options : Develop the chatbot for you (the most flexible features option), or attend one of our classes to learn how to build one yourself, using ChatFuel (the cheaper option).

We will arrange our team to do mockups of how your bot conversation will go in a typical customer inquiry flow and other keywords that you may want your bot to respond to.

The development can be further broken down to two options:

  • ChatFuel – In most cases, for bots that does not involve complex calculations and “Buy” from messenger (especially for countries that do not support it), this will suffice.
  • Custom Development using Microsoft Bot Framework – This is the more expensive option that will provide more granular capabilities such as complex form navigation, custom workflows and machine learning / translation type of bots.

For this option, we organize a 4 hour classroom course to teach you the basics of ChatFuel, and share tips on how to build great bots.

This training typically will be conducted in a classroom with a projector, with participants using their own laptops.


  • Familiarize the ChatFuel Dashboard
  • Welcome & Default Messages.
  • What are Blocks and Plugins?
  • Creating a Simple Button Based Bot
  • Creating a Question and Answer Chatbot
  • Creating a Contact Form and Email it
  • How To Share Your Bot To The Rest to The World
  • How To Broadcast messages to Your Customer with your bot
  • Have Your First Customer Chatbot By the End of The Day